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How long is the life of the power adapter _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-24
How long the life of the power adapter is 2020-173 12 - 01 16:49:29 a lot of people will ask the power adapter is not durable resistance, today took everyone know about the power adapter exactly how long is the life of a: what is the factors affecting the service life of the power adapter? Power adapter is to convert the AC input DC output of the equipment, its work principle is mainly depend on IC to control the power switch is closed, maintain the stable output voltage. This is certainly a ripple voltage, however, this time will use filter for filtering, IC is generally there is no problem, so if there is a problem is the filter capacitor. So we speak of the problems is that the capacitance in the power adapter, the adapter inside the filter capacitor is the most easy to damage, but it is not absolute, can you give me to speak of other components will be the problem in use process, and eventually lead to the power supply will not work. But we're only talking about the law of large Numbers, with no thought by accident. Filter capacitor of the power adapter usually use why capacitance, ( Solid-state capacitors are available, and also the price also differs very much) Why capacitance in the process of working temperature will be very high, the service life of it is and is inversely proportional to the temperature, the higher the temperature, the shorter service life. Capacitance depends absolutely affect its life, general company USES is life for thousands of hours of capacitance, in contrast the life of the power adapter also received much limitation, we use the power industry is the top three factories, capacitance life are generally in more than 50000 hours, in about 50000 when filtering capacitor will bulge, power adapter is no longer work.
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