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How the power adapter and dismantling plan

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-20
Power adapter anatomy: power laptop power adapter from the top and bottom cover for injection molding assembly or use super glue, without any screws. Normally only use violence to crack. However, as long as the right way, power adapter can recover completely after dismantling the same, don't watch carefully is almost can not see a trace. Dismantling tools: electric knife, a hammer, screwdriver, soldering iron, pen knife, etc. Place your power adapter lateral side on the white paper, with the electrician knife blade can cover the gap between up and down the power adapter, and then with a hammer percussion electrician knife back, from the adapter between top and bottom cover cut in. In different locations in the adapter, the gaps between the upper and lower cover, with electrical point along the crack lines, as part of a cover up and down after the first crack, the blade, then slowly adaptation cover separately. Open the shell of the power adapter, you can see the adapter circuit are coated with copper shield, with box cutters cut open shield tape on paper, with a soldering iron unsolder shield connected to the internal circuit board of the two solder joints: shield is desirable. Shielding layer between the circuit board and also a thicker layer of hard plastic shell, with a pen knife cut open, can see the circuit looks like & throughout; Four, part name and function is as follows: switch transformer, switch power supply, one of the key components. Temperature probe to detect the internal temperature of the power adapter, when temperature is higher than a certain value, Different brands of the adapter, the setting of slightly different temperature threshold) , the output voltage of the protection circuit will be cut off the adapter, thus protecting the adapter from being damaged. Varistor, its function is when the voltage is too high, pressure sensitive resistance value is small, quickly fuse with the varistor string was fuse, so as to protect other circuit from the burn out. The fuse, the specification of 2. 5 a / 250 v, when the current in the circuit is too large, the fuse will fuse to protect other components. Inductance coil is also called the choke coil, the main function is to reduce electromagnetic interference. Rectifier bridge, specifications for D3SB, action is the 220 v alternating current into direct current. 7. Filter capacitor, specifications for 180 & mu; F / 400 v, the function is communication in direct current ripple, make the circuit work more reliable. Op-amp IC ( Integrated circuit) , protection circuit, an important component of the voltage regulation. Secondary rectifier tube, the function is laid low voltage dc low voltage alternating current (ac). In IBM's power adapter, two high power rectifier is often work in parallel, in order to obtain larger output current. ( 10. High power switch tube, is one of the core components of switch power supply, switching power supply can & other; A a close & throughout; To work in the five, the general picture of internal power adapter, in fact also nothing important, mysterious and common switch, the principle of regulating circuit is no difference, is some & other; Capacitor, resistor, inductor, switching diode, the power core chip & throughout; ( No come out) And so on. And high fever. For example: the notebook power adapter work around 60 W, mainly through the plastic shell conduction heat generated inside out. The surface temperature of the power adapter is quite high, adapter, is a standard furnace, so everyone at the time of using laptops, try not to pile up on things, especially the flammable materials, otherwise there will be a surprising result.
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