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how to calculate the power requirements for an inverter

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-26
And most plugsIn the appliance, designed to operate on an AC (AC) power supply, the battery and emergency generator generate a DC (DC) power supply.To convert the DC output to an AC power supply, you need to connect the power inverter to the DC power supply and then plug the device into the outlet of the inverter.However, the published rated power of the inverter (in watts) refers to the maximum power it can get from the DC power supply.
Only a small portion of the DC power supply is converted to AC power for the device.To calculate the published rated power you need, you must determine the total load of the AC circuit (I.e., the plug-In the device), then divided by the efficiency of the inverter.
Determine the power consumption (in watts) of each device that is scheduled to supply power at the same time as the AC output of the inverter ).To find this value, check the label on the device plug or adapter box.If you can\'t find it there, try to see the \"Technical specifications\" section in the owner\'s manual.
Note: downloadable PDF of these manuals is usually available from the manufacturer\'s website.Add all the rated power in step 1.Represents the total output power required.Multiply the total power required by 1.25.The purpose of this is to create a buffer to protect the inverter from the surge.
This new value is called minimum safe output \".Round the results of step 3 to the nearest 100.Determine the power factor (PF) of the inverter whose rated power is equal to the value in step 4 ).
To find the PF for the inverter, download the owner\'s manual for the model from the manufacturer\'s website and search in the technical specifications section.Note: The term \"efficiency\" rather than \"power factor\" may be used in some manuals \".\\ \"The base value is the same anyway.Multiply the power factor by the rated power of the inverter (starting from Step 4 ).
If the result is higher than the minimum safety output (starting from step 3), then the inverter can generate enough power for the appliance.If the result is below the minimum safety output, repeat steps 5 and 6 for the next inverter with the highest rated power.Repeat until the inverter with sufficient power output is reached.
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