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How to choose and buy the power adapter? _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-06
How to choose and buy the power adapter? 1068, 2020 - 06 - 16 17:25:19 at present more and more consumer demand for electronic products, like mobile phone, computer, refrigerator, printers, network high-definition player, LED LCD, air purifier, projectors, security monitoring, industrial equipment, health massage equipment, LED decorative lighting, communication terminal and other kinds of products, like this kind of product all need power adapter, provide power for electronic products, will often see the power adapter in our daily life. For many consumers to buy the power adapter is concerned about is the price, the homogeneity of the power adapter is very serious, with the parameters of the power adapter's price difference is too big, so we when selecting a power adapter, one can't consider price to measure; Also need to consider the brand, material, workmanship and after-sales service and other aspects to consider, so you can choose the right power adapter. Power adapter buying guide: 1, according to the consumed power of electronic products, set to the output voltage and current. 2, the appearance of the power adapter, style, size, use of national power plug specification for the region. 3, dock with the equipment of form a complete set of DC connector specifications. 4, whether to need to safety certification and safety standards. 5, try choosing power adapter manufacturer standard power supply, including the standard size and the output voltage; Such delivery will be fast, purchase cost is low; On the contrary, the size and the output voltage of the special, will increase the cost of development time and purchase.
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