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How to choose appropriate power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-30
How to choose appropriate power adapter 1. The input voltage and input current; 2. Output current and output current; 3. Output connector ( Interface) And the output polarity ( Basically different brands have their own standards) ; In general, the power adapter is 100 - 240 v input, meet the international standards of the world. 4. Higher requirements for the power adapter, should not only consider the conventional factors, like ever high pressure, high and low efficiency, energy consumption, power factor and so on are all need to consider, such as medical use of the power adapter is more demanding, this needs according to the requirement of the products you use, the price also is not the same. Buy power adapter refer to the following principles: 1. The stand or fall of power adapter is often with the choice of power supply scheme, used in the components has a lot to do, which determines the use effect of the power adapter and longevity, secondly, such as power supply, power adapter have compact, shell material and so on are decided the quality of the power adapter. So when choosing the power, must take a sample to test, in order to understand the power to do good or bad, or unsuitable product use and so on, in order to avoid problems in the future, select the power adapter should not only consider the price, more should pay attention to quality. 2. Adapter output voltage equals the voltage needed to best, if different, the voltage required is as close as possible to the notebook, controlled within + / - 5% error, this is because the voltage stabilizing circuit generally have allowance design, in the input voltage changes, certain limits can be a normal and stable work; Beyond this range, the voltage is too low, the computer may be unstable work couldn't even point light machine; Voltage is too high, it may burn the regulating circuit inside the computer. Such as acer laptop, it requires 15 v, 3. A 36 input, but with IBM 16 v, 3. A 36 adapter can cooperate it normal use. 3. Adapter the maximum output current as far as possible consistent with the maximum current needed to, if different, will be equal to or greater than the current; Note: the current just big, big to what extent you don't have to worry about, again big also don't be afraid, don't worry about it will burn machine! But current cannot be too small, because the screen flicker and unstable situation could occur. Such as IBM T30 adapter ( 16V,4. 5) , although safely use in IBM ThinkPad T20 ( 16V,3. 36个) , also can be used in the ThinkPad X31 ( 16V,3. 5) On; Principle is: the power adapter is according to load condition to adjust output current, is not set in stone. Like the IBM above 16 v, 4. 5 a adapter, it can provide four biggest. 5 a working current, but to use on the T20, it is the largest output 3. 36 a of current. Actually because of different products, it needs the current is also in constant change, adapter according to the notebook work adjust output power, to meet the needs of the computer. Output current bigger adapter is more, a little & quot; Kill on the wheel & quot; The taste of. But if, in turn, it is not good, although T20 adapter can also light T30, but T30 screen flashing, sometimes this is because the T20 adapter can't provide the working current T30 need stability.
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