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how to decide if your laptop ac power battery charger is ...

by:Fuyuang     2020-01-09
If the battery charger is not working, then the battery power will eventually discharge after you turn on your laptop.When the re-After connecting the battery charger to the power plug and laptop, the charging warning light on the laptop cannot be lit, and then, this indicates that the laptop does not have a power supply and the charger may be faulty.There are usually three parts of the battery charger, any of which can go wrong from time to time.The most obvious first step is to replace the power plug fuse and investigate whether the wire is tightly attached to the plug.Different electrical systems are available at different international locations, so you may not need a fuse.Also, if the power plug has been replaced at times, then it may not be connected properly, so it should also be checked carefully.The AC power cord should be checked to ensure that its length is not broken or raised.By carefully winding the wire, make sure that the electrical insulation does not start to fall off or break, especially at the end of the inspection.If there is a possibility of defect or damage to the plug or wire, it should be replaced for safety reasons.The laptop battery charger itself is rarely faulty and can only be identified by replacement;However, low voltage cables and connections often fail.Carefully observe the connection position between the cable and the low-voltage connector inserted into the laptop;This usually stops working if the wires bend sharply.Should you try to move the wire a little? Could a laptop switch to charge instead of charging?Also look at the place where the low voltage wire leaves the battery charger;If the power cord is constantly wrapped around the battery charger assembly, this may fail at this point.However, if the low voltage wire or connector interconnect is disconnected or broken, the complete charger must be replaced or replaced.However, if you are careful, your laptop battery charger should last longer than the laptop itself, if you are constantly winding the wires, or if you bend the cables sharply at any time, then it will certainly fail at some point.Do not keep the charger connected to the power supply as this will drain energy and reduce the life of the charger.
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