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How to distinguish the ac adapter and a tuning fork into DC head _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-06
How to distinguish the ac adapter and a tuning fork into DC head 2020-173 12 - 03 14:43:53 we connect the power adapter connector between the power supply of electronic products and are collectively referred to as DC head, it is a tuning fork DC head take contact with tuning fork type metal shrapnel or into DC head adopt metal hollow cylindrical body contact, insulating base, lateral pin, vertical pin, directional keyway, etc. Power adapter DC head there are a lot of kinds, such as our common DC male head, a tuning fork into the DC male head of the two most common, and is widely used in communications and IT products of micro USB, mini USB, USB head, with a cigarette lighter head and not common, F head, a head, DC plug female head, aviation, water head, 3 core / 4 core / 5 core / 8 core connecting head, alligator clips, audio head, S terminal, refrigerator, banana DC head top, etc. Male head also referred to as DC power adapter DC tuning fork fork head, power adapter DC plug male head also referred to as 'for a DC plug, DC tuning fork head and DC plug belongs to one of the power adapter DC plugs, their diameter are the same, no difference, the difference only in the inner part. DC head on the wall of a tuning fork with two pieces of the corresponding metal shrapnel in DC head has two spring leaf on the wall for contact with DC within the metal pin connection, mainly is the insertion force can according to user needs in different leaf spring, the purpose is to make a plug contact and stability are better. Because the internal spring contact so for matching DC needle requirements within a comparative size a little bit loose, such as 5. 5 * 2. 5 a tuning fork plug can and 5. 5 * 2. 5 matching socket matched with 5. 5 * 2. 1 match the socket match, but if the DC head on the wall under the condition of insufficient of two springs elastic would be poor contact. Into the lining of the DC head no shrapnel, the entire wall for a smooth metal cylinder, to match the DC in contact pin connection, relative to the tuning fork plug its stability is not so good. But in the case of large current use is stable, because with inserted DC straight wall and DC metal needle contact area than DC head, a tuning fork it within the DC metal needle size is strict, such as 5. 5 * 2. 5 a tuning fork plug can only and 5. 5 * 2. 5 matching socket match, and 5. 5 * 2. 1 match the socket matching words cannot come into contact with or poor contact.
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