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How to Mount a Solar Panel on a Trailer

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-22
Solar panels are popular in RV and trailerCamping enthusiastsIn the long run, panels save money and do not need to use fuel.The generator is effective, but it is noisy and requires maintenance and fuel.The solar panels are mounted on the trailer and connected to the battery.The battery stores energy and supplies power to the trailer.The number of batteries used and the size of the panel determine the size of the electricity available.Description difficulty: unplug all batteries, the generated power supply and the ground wire moderately.It is important that the trailer does not receive any electricity during installation.Find the area where the panels are installed on the trailer roof.Objects and components must be cleared for this area.Also avoid vents and pre-existing power cords.The outer edge of the solar panel must also be located more than 6 inch from the edge of the roof.Measure the width and length of the solar panel to be installed.Mark the dimensions on the roof of the trailer with a pencil.Measurement must be accurate for the safety of the group.Place each track on top of the trailer.Align the track to cover the length of the solar panel.Place the panel on the track to double itCheck the accuracy of the measurement.Using the hardware that comes with the bracket, twist the track to the roof with a drill bit.Only through holes already built into the track.Place the panel on the track and screw the panel onto the track using matching hardware.The hole is set to align when the panel is in the correct position.Find a pre-existing electric hole on the trailer.Connect the solar panel wires to the RV through the electrical pipe.Connect the solar panel wires to the regulator.Turn on the regulator and allow it to run the initial test on the panel.The green light will indicate that the panel is connected correctly.Put the battery in the trailer and connect the battery cord to the regulator.The battery is charged as long as the panel is exposed to the sun.The regulator will control the current and protect the battery.Tip: WarningsArticle is an outdoor composition expert by Zach LazzariZach Lazzari.He has experience in website writing and standard newspaper writing.He wrote an outdoor column for The Silver World in Lake Colorado.Colorado Currently completes a bachelor\'s degree online through Arizona State University and lives in southwest Montana.
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