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How to play a biggest quick charge effect?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-09
Problem a: what is a quick charge technology? Quick charge can be well understood from the literal, namely speed mobile phone charge. It is implemented through what way? The principle is very simple, and easy to understand. Quick charge via chipset, to adjust the mobile input voltage and current value, so as to shorten the charging time. And common is by increasing the voltage constant current, low voltage and high current and high voltage high current three conditions for the charging speed of the mobile phone to ascend. Question 2: why do you want to have a quick charge technology? Because airframe design using an organic whole, the current mobile phone can't replace the battery, and battery technology has not yet been breakthrough, in the case of the use of high strength, not enough to standby for a day, often can see people carrying mobile charging power supply. After a quick charge technology, can make use of the technology, greatly shorten the charging time, can effectively enhance the user experience. Question 3: how to play a biggest quick charge effect? Want a phone with the fastest speed of charging, you must use a mobile phone in the standard cable and charger, charging them online and head all have a certain particularity, because of the fast charging standard is different, the each power management chip has the difference, so the use of standard data and charging head is unable to realize quick charge. If the power adapter does not support quick charge, the output voltage was less than standard of quick charge. That is to say, the special line, specially head, plane, be short of one cannot. In addition, if you don't have an quick charge in the use of mobile power supply function, you can't enjoy the welfare, so it is necessary to pay attention to this problem when choosing mobile power supply.
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