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How to Replace a Cordless Mower Battery

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-16
Cordless electric mower is considered eco-friendlyFriendly as it does not help smoke and CO 2 as it does with gasolinePower peers.Cordless mower is also much quieter than gas mower, no need to change oil, air filter, tuningUps and spark plugs.The main maintenance of this mower is to charge the battery.The rechargeable mower battery lasts about five to seven years and needs to be replaced at this time.The new battery must be charged before installation.Place the new rechargeable battery of the cordless mower in a dry, cool place, such as a garage or workshop.Place the battery on the workbench or on the waste wood on the floor.Altitude prevents moisture from touching the battery while charging.Plug one end of the battery charger cable into the socket of the mower battery and push the plug completely into the socket.Connect the other end of the cable to the battery charger.Plug the battery charger into the ground-Faulty circuit breaker (GFCI) socket.The plug has two flat metal sheets and a circular patch, which are mounted on the appropriate GFCI power outlet.Observe the lights on the battery charger.The power light and charger light are one when the charger is working.When the charging light changes from red to green, the battery is fully charged and can be used at any time.Charging usually takes about 15 hours.Unplug the charger and its cable from the fully charged mower battery and power outlet.Lift or press the battery lock on the cordless mower and remove the latch from the battery box.Pick up the battery through the top handle and place it on the top motor cover.Insert the mower battery line into the bottom of the battery and the front of the battery is visible.There is usually an arrow in front of the battery.Place the battery in the battery box and push the lock Rod forward or down, depending on the manufacture and model of the mower.
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