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How to Store Lithium-Ion Batteries for Lawnmowers

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-17
Electric Mower provides an eco-friendly way to keep your lawn clean and tidy.Many models can only have one at mostThird acre, charging once, lithium-ion battery.When not in use, whether you need to store the machine for a week or winter, separate the battery from the mower.Take some precautions when you store lithiumThe ion battery helps it keep charging safely.Put a lithium.Ion batteries in climateA controlled storage structure, such as a cottage or garage, can also be placed in the home for storage.Lithium-Ion battery treatment low temperature--Minus 14 degrees Fahrenheit-Better than warm temperatures.Extended time at temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit can damage the performance of the battery.Prepare a plastic or wood shelf to store the battery.Don\'t put the battery on a metal rack.If the terminals of the battery come into contact with metal, the battery may overheat to the point of danger.Let the battery lose about 1-It\'s half the charge before it\'s stored.Different from old nickelThe best-functioning CD battery when fully charged, lithium-When fully charged for a long time, the Ion battery becomes tense and functional.Do not store the battery of the mower on the battery charger.Charge the battery every two months.Charging makes the ion ready to work in case of full charge when trimming again.
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