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HP Envy DV6 Notebook, which delivers power and

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-28
HP Envy DV6 laptop charger has many kinds version in the mark, the original one made by HP Manufacturer; and the replacement one, it usually cheaper than the original one, but it could attract many attention. The replacement adapter usually works well as the original one. You just need to confirm three factors when you purchase an ac adapter for your laptop HP Envy DV4. The power Please keep in mind, HP Envy DV6 PC could be use at power condition 90Watt or less, more than it will disable your laptop, it is quite important. The current or the voltage Since the power of the notebook equals the current mutiply by the voltage, if you could know the current/voltage, you will also get the voltage/current. So you just need to confirm one of the two factors. For HP Envy DV6 ,you need output DC19V 4.74A,it cofirm to work with your laptop. The DC Connecter size That is also quite important, bigger or smaller of the conncter size will be not used for your laptop. Tips for this laptop charger 1,To avoid overheating the AC adapter when powering the computer or charging the battery, use the AC adapter in a ventilated area, such as on a desktop or on the floor. Do not use the AC adapter in a poorly ventilated environment, such as inside a carrying case. 2, Do not charge it for the laptop or the battery all the time, unplug it when the laptop is not needed to use. Item Includes AC Adapter and Power Cord, the cord includes DC cord and AC cord. DC cord is 3.1 feet and AC cord it 3.4 feet.
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