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Huge televisions, green talk among the highlights at CES

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-28
Exhibitors and exhibition attendees gather at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Wednesday, January at the best CES awards ceremony at CNET.9, 2008.(AP Photo/Jae C.Hong Kong) exhibitors and exhibitors gather at the CNET\'s Best Consumer Electronics Show awards ceremony at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Wednesday, January in the United States.9, 2008.(AP Photo/Jae C.Hong) senses-The annual Consumer Electronics Show, whirlwind, offers a range of bright lights, crowded crowds, Hollywood celebrities, and of course thousands of innovative and hilarious gadgets.140,000 people gathered.Located in Las Vegas, CES covers an area of 8 million square feet.This year, the biggest meeting in the technology industry was interrupted by the end of an era. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates delivered his 11 and last CES keynote speech, and ushered in what he called the next digital decade, as technology became more user-friendlyFriendly, personal and everywhere.No iPhone-The level announcement was made at 2008 CES, but the industry has shown that it is moving forward from adopting environmental practices to promoting technology to automobiles.\"What ultimately happens is that the scene gets bigger, so it feels like there\'s always more to do,\" said Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft\'s entertainment and equipment division .\".\"This is a moving target.With the advancement of technology, new opportunities are emerging.\"As usual, gadgets have become smaller and more interactive.Flat-Screen TV is getting thinner and thinner, Panasonic won the grand prize for 150inch screen.Some TV sets begin to connect to the Internet, at least in part to provide information and entertainment from the Internet.Although Apple did not show up at the show, it was felt.Following the launch of the iPhone at Macworld this time last year, manufacturers have shown a variety of Internet --Mobile devices are enabled.There is a lot of discussion about green technology and the adoption of green practices, but mainlytalk.In order to demonstrate sustainable technology, a small hidden corner was opened in the exhibition hall, but there were only a few stalls.Voltaic has promoted its solar package, including a new one with solar panels, which can generate enough wattage to charge the laptop from a day of direct sunlight.The horizon and the Millennium cells show water.It can replace the activated generator of the traditional battery backup generator.Dell encourages attendees to brainstorm the meaning of green on a glass whiteboard.One of the often scrawled comments?Green means money.Many major consumer electronics companies, including HP, have pledged to be more eco-friendly.Packard announced that it will reduce the energy consumption of desktops and laptops by 25% by 2010.Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba say they are forming a recycling management company for electronics manufacturers.This will manage the recycling work of the company.The company will also process future collection and recycling for Hitachi, JVC, Mitsubishi, Philips, Pioneer, Sanyo and Olevia.Intel presents the latest chip Silverthorne, which will require a tenth of the power of the existing chip.Marvell also demonstrates a power factor correction controller that reduces the energy consumption of laptop power adapters and desktop power supplies by up to 50%.Dell says it is evaluating how to reduce waste and become more grounded.Throughout the life cycle of the product, from concept to customer disposal, it is friendly.We hate those nine.\"A month\'s life cycle,\" said Ed Boyd, vice president of consumer product design at Dell.\"If we make a great design, it will last for a long time.Fujitsu displays a laptop made of corn.That is to say, this is an ordinary computer, and the housing part is made by the factory.based plastics.CES highlighted how green is a strategy for consumer electronics companies to stand out.\"To some extent, we have reached the largest screen we can reach.We have reached the biggest resolution we can reach, \"said Michael Gartenberg, vice president and director of research at Jupiter.\"People need some difference.\"Another trend is the drive to create a more natural posture --Based on interfaces and controls.3DV Systems, an Israeli company, shows a new depthSense cameras that allow people to play games or browse menus through body movements and gestures.\"We think this is the next step,\" said Zvika Klier, CEO of 3DV Systems.\"This requires a further immersive experience.\"Sony shows the Z555 Sony Ericsson phone and users can mute calls or turn off alerts by simply waving one hand on their phone.Panasonic shows a wall of life, a huge wall --Size the screen, allowing people to control the screen, interact with the screen, and customize the screen through manual actions.Gates emphasized Microsoft\'s touch.Microsoft Surface presented a desktop computer on screen in a speech.In the next format warGeneration HighOn the show, people also talked about the impact of the Warner Brothers.Last week, Entertainment decided to support Sony\'s Blu-ray exclusively.ray next-DVD standard later this year.This has driven the wind up in the rival hd dvd camp, especially Toshiba, which has already charged hd dvd.But while many predict this is the beginning of the end of the format war, Toshiba and other hd dvd manufacturing partners say they will continue to produce hd dvd players.Akio Ozaka, President and CEO of Toshiba USA, said: \"We firmly believe that hd dvd is the most suitable for the needs of consumers .\".Despite the best intentions of exhibitors at CES, there is still a trend to be seen, that is, home servers, a central repository of music, photos, videos and other data.Analysts say people don\'t want to lose more and more digital memories that have to be stored and backed up on servers, but consumers haven\'t caught up so far.On the other hand, let people know that its existence is full of hightech cars.With the connection of cars to the Internet, fuel efficiency is getting higher and higher, synchronizing with gadgets elsewhere in the home, and the Consumer Electronics Association estimates that the automotive technology market may exceed $12 billion in 2008.Gm ceo Rick Wagner became the first automotive executive to deliver a keynote speech at CES, highlighting its role in future technology.\"We believe the future of cars is bright and electronic,\" Wagner said .\"
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