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by:Fuyuang     2020-06-22
Today is an era of globalization and universal gadgets. The universal chargers support cell phones from different brands, whereas you can handle multiple TVs and set top boxes with a single universal remote. Universal Charger Supports Now, the question arises - why not we choose universal laptop charger (ULC) for our laptops? A universal charger supports laptops from at least 8 to 10 different brands including Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, and others. Few chargers also support other devices like netbook, mp3 players, and smartphones. For example, a universal charger for Apple Mac Book supports iPod Touch, and iPhone. We know you will not prefer to buy another charger when you just get one with your laptop without paying additional charges. Let us answer this query now. Most of the chargers coming with your laptop continue to charge the laptop even if battery is full. Some batteries malfunction when the charger is not unplugged after complete charging. The ULC or Universal AC Adapter has the feature to stop charging the battery when battery is fully charged, which helps in getting the longer battery life. Tips To Make Effective Purchase ULC not only relieves you from multiple laptop chargers but also provides additional benefits. If you are going to buy a universal charger then following tips will help you making an effective purchase. 1. Make a list of laptops and gadgets for which you need a universal charger. 2. Have a list of at least two to four charger supporting the selected devices. 3. Read reviews about the selected products. 4. Compare them according to their features, prices, warranty, and specifications. 5. Check whether they provide testing or trial before purchase. 6. Purchase the selected device from a local dealer with a genuine bill and warranty card. 7. Price of the charger can vary according to your requirements. Problems Can Arise The laptop charger is mainly an AC adapter that converts electric power from AC - DC. This process helps to charge the laptop's battery safely. But problems can arise with it as you use this for longer time. let's know about those problems. Heat up- If your adapter is being heat up while charging the device plus it is generating any other sign of trouble then it required immediate action. The heating problem can arise because of transformer. Due to regular use and as time passes transformer become weaker or wiring could be loose. Noise-Adapter can also generate high pitch noise then replace it soon. There is no other option to resolve this problem. Stop Working-It could be a problem of bad transformer or wiring matter. You can ask for repair, but in case transformer is making a problem then replace it. However wring can be redone. These are some tips to help you while you face any problem with your UCL or AC adapter.
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