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If there is any difference between the power adapter ring cause analysis

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-18
Some people are using power adapter, can produce sound, the sound a bit like the leakage sound of high pressure during a bad, a little like the voice of the high voltage, arc, some people will be this kind of situation is called power adapter the noise. So this is what causes? Do you understand? Switching power supply load problem 1, transformer work in serious overload state, moments have burned may & ndash; — This is a lot of power supply burned before & other; Bellow & throughout; The origin of the. 2, switch power supply in the case of no load or light load, oscillation phenomena will happen at some point, as the noise and instability of the output transformer. Happen this kind of phenomenon is due to the light/light load, the switch instantaneous opening is too big, too much time to output energy and voltage overshoot is big, need a long time to return to normal voltage, so switch to stop work for a period of time, this switch is working in the intermittent work mode, result in low frequency vibration of the transformer. Transformer technology problem 1, lines around the tight can also cause noise; 2, magnetic core, combination wind gap exists, the high frequency when they vibrate air noise ( Full immersion transformer if after vacuum, generally do not sound) ; 3, varnished drying does not reach the designated position, lead to core unstable cause mechanical vibration and sounding; 4, not suitable for the length of the air gap, and instability in the working state of the transformer noise.
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