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Install and use car charger?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-17
In car charger as we are not unfamiliar, but the car charger how to install and use? Demand note? How to install a, car-mounted charger 1, insert the USB power adapter into the car cigarette lighter, inserted into the plug, charging indicator lights on. ( Must pay attention to in the car engine start time to charge) 2, using USB cable and connector, mobile phones, MP3 or standard USB interface connected to the vehicle USB power adapter products can charge for it. 3, before use, please check digital products of power consumption specifications in order to avoid overload. 2, 1, how to use my car charger in the car cigarette lighter, insert the USB car charger head, through a standard USB output dc voltage. 2, electronic design parameters such as voltage, current, completely conforms to the PDA phone specification, will not damage to your beloved forming machine. 3, plug in the USB cable can for MP3 / MP4, mobile phones, small speakers, bluetooth, PSP, etc all kinds of electronic products, power supply and charging. Three, on-board charger device using the method is compact and useful car charger, it device use is very simple, as long as the car to have a cigarette lighter socket. Car cigarette lighter socket, generally for the devices such as mobile phones, navigators, just pull the cigarette lighter, with cigarette logo with charging line will stay charging equipment connected to the car charger, and plug the car cigarette lighter socket. Four, on-board charger use safety note item 1, vehicle flameout when no 2, no connection when vehicles burn a battery ( Avoid a instantaneous large current burn equipment) 3, decrease as far as possible to charge multiple devices at the same time, as far as possible to prevent the high-power devices ( The load is too big) This is the car charger device using the method, the final demand prompt us, is the car charger in the process of using more to take care of that problem. The use of our time must pay attention to.
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