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Introduce _ power adapter in Europe and the common certification of energy efficiency

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-18
Power adapter in Europe and the common certification of energy efficiency is introduced in 2020-789 09 - 07 16:42:45 us DOE certification profile U. S. federal regulations ( 10CFR430) Make clear a regulation: every external power adapter to the U. S. market, small energy efficiency grades should be: levelIV and clearly identified on the product. Not only that, but also forced manufacturers, brands two important declaration documents submitted to DOE. The top is the conformity of the products meet the requirements of federal regulations on energy efficiency (declared ComplianceStatement) And the second is the product of certificate report for the first time, FirstCertificationReport) , the two documents must be made through the mail, delivered to the U. S. department of energy ( 美国能源部,DepartmentofEnergy) 。 Documents preparation should be completed in accordance with the format of DOE, which certificate report units and appoint by a third party on behalf of the manufacturer/brands. Submission of information of the file should cover every single type of product categories ( productclass) , name of the manufacturer/brand, efficiency, %) When, no-load power consumption ( W) And the rated power output ( W) 。 Standard basis: the federal regulations: 10 cfr430 cfr429 and 10; Ten of the cfr429 rules for selecting the specification and sample report specification; 10 cfr430 specifies test methods and conformity declared the ERP certification introduction ERP directive ( 2009/125 / EC) Introduction to perfect EuP directive 2005/32 / EC, and further expand its scope, the eu formally released on October 31, 2009 products associated with energy ecological requirements of the directive 2009/125 / EC, the directive rules related to energy products ( 能源 relatedProducts) The framework of ecological design requirements. Since November 20, 2009, to replace the original ErP directive 2009/125 / EC EuP directive ( 2005/32 / EC, 2008/28 / EC) 。 Based on the original EuP directive IM transfer at the same time IM for this order. Has now launched the ErP directive one-stop solution, to help enterprises successful ErP directive certification, successfully entered the international market. ErP instructions and EuP directive contrast ErP compared with EuP directive, the main change is the original product energy consumption of EuP directive ( 能源 usingProducts) Extended to energy related products ( 能源 相关产品) To expand the scope of EuP directive. Is when the energy related products and/or put into use on the eu market, will affect the energy consumption of products; Or its environmental performance can be evaluated independently to assemble the parts in the products covered by this directive. Ul power adapter California CEC certification profile CEC certification CEC certification is made by the California energy commission ( 加州能源委员会) ) On December 30, 2005, in accordance with the implementation of electrical energy efficiency regulations ( ApplianceEfficiencyRegulation) 。 Is the purpose of the legislation in order to improve the efficiency of the ul power adapter power products, save energy, reduce emissions and the greenhouse effect. As more and more electronic products appear in our daily life, 'save energy' will become the 21st century must face the urgent problem of all people. The California energy commission ( 加州能源委员会(CEC) On July 1, 2006 for AC - The DC and AC - AC external power supply of the mandatory energy efficiency in the implementation of new standards, at the appointed time, almost all electronic products will be hit. The standard will cover all the use of external power supply ( If the charger and adapter) Products, including mobile phones, cordless phones, portable music players, handheld games, toys, etc. , and require these products in standby and using condition in a more efficient way to use energy. All this means that, after 2006 years in America, and to be sold in the United States of transformer, external power supply, adapter, charger must change the design. In addition to save energy, new norms of CEC will also have a significant impact in terms of environmental protection. According to the company, if all external power supply in California can follow the new standard, the California every year will reduce the amount of more than 360000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission, the number is equivalent to 60000 cars annually dosage. The rules and regulations, electrical product sales in California in the United States must first meet the equipment energy efficiency regulations, the regulation for 58 type electrical products the indicators of energy efficiency requirements, measurement method and phased implementation plan. According to the regulations, electrical products must be qualified lab according to the relevant laws and regulations or standards for testing, prove that meets the requirements after can be sold in California.
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