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by:Fuyuang     2019-12-21
Tired of listening to the same song over and over again?Bring your iPod on your next car trip and never accept a commercial broadcast again!Have you ever ridden a car for a long time because you can\'t find what you like on the radio, so hate every minute of it?This happens to most of us and can even turn the most enjoyable road trip into a chore.Fortunately, with only one or two iPod car accessories, you can carry your favorite music with you and no longer have to be content to play on the radio.Basically, you need two iPod car accessories to listen to music on the road: one is the way to listen to music for you, and the other is to keep the power on.
Most of the time, iPod car accessories will meet both of these needs in one unit or kit, however, understanding these two requirements will help you to select the best product as needed.Listening to the iPod in the car first requires a kind of music from the iPod to the radio.There are a few iPod car accessories available to do this for you.
The most popular option is to plug in the iPod and set it to an FM transmitter to broadcast on unused stations.Then all you have to do is transfer your radio to the channel your iPod is playing and you have instant music.The IPod is exhausted without wires and is part of the appeal of the FM transmitter.
If your car radio has a cassette player, another option is the adapter from the iPod to the cartridge slot, just like the adapter, many of us used to connect portable CD players to cassette players for radios.If you already have something like this lying somewhere, you don\'t even need to buy anything because it plugs into the iPod\'s headset!The third option is to install a permanent connection for the iPod.After-The market radio usually has an accessory input that can be plugged into the iPod car accessory adapter and runs out of a cable from behind the dashboard plugged into the iPod.
While this option will provide the best sound quality in all the other options, it will also be the most expensive as it will require professional installation.But it would be worth it if you spent a lot of time in the car.Many automakers now also offer this iPod connection as an option for their later versionend models.
IPod speakers are also an option to listen to the iPod in the car.They are not an ideal solution because they can rattle around the car and fall off the seat or back deck.If you already have a set of speakers that don\'t rely on AC power, this could be a viable solution if not elegant.
Most of these iPod car accessories are power-Neutral (don\'t take power from the iPod, and don\'t power the iPod) or take power from the iPod.If all your driving includes a round trip to the office and charging the iPod on the round trip, it\'s not bad.But if you\'re going to be driving long distances you need a way to keep the juice flowing to the iPod so you don\'t run out of battery and end up listening to the radio again.
Car chargers are essential to keep the iPod playing.This is a simple cable that runs from the power adapter or lighter of your car and stays charged while the iPod plays.Best of all, you can listen to the iPod on the whole drive, and then, when you arrive, you can take your iPod out of the car, it\'s full of electricity, feel free to entertain you anywhere next.
Some permanent connections also include power connections.If one is installed in your car, make sure it is included, otherwise you will still need to purchase the power adapter.If it\'s a factoryThe installed connection, please check your owner\'s manual to see if it supplies power to your iPod.
In general, if connected to the headphone port, then you need a power adapter, but you don\'t need it if it is connected to the dock port.Safety is an important issue when using iPod car accessories.Make sure you don\'t let the iPod distract you from driving!Try to avoid changing the volume or track when your car is driving.
One of the great benefits of a permanent connection is that many connections allow you to control your iPod using the control of the radio itself.This is especially convenient if your radio has wheelsInstallation control.If you\'re using a standSeparate adapter, try to locate your iPod so you can see it without moving your eyes away.
If you can\'t, just plug in the iPod and click play and forget about it.It\'s not worth dying just because you don\'t want to listen to a song
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