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jump start your vehicle with a easy start battery charger

by:Fuyuang     2020-01-12
With proper vehicle maintenance and maintenance, equipment failures can be minimized.
However, even with proper maintenance, the car lights may be turned on accidentally, or the radio will be turned on for a long time, resulting in a power outage.
What should you do if you are in such a situation?
Remember the following points. 1. DON\'T PANIC. . . .
As with any event, the worst thing you can do is panic. 2.
If you are not on the road, try to stay away from danger. 3.
Warn other drivers using reflective safety triangles or Emergency lights (
There are two products in your Red Cross emergency safety kit). 4.
Check the battery by turning the ignition key to the start position.
Check the battery connection if you hear a quick click, or if the lights are on and then dim, or there is no sound at all. 5.
No use, it\'s time to use your Easy-
The boot can be located in the battery charger of the American Red Cross basic car condom. 6.
Remember the gas emitted from the battery, so don\'t smoke or light a cigarette around the battery. 7.
Don\'t try to start your vehicle, which can also damage your engine, in addition to the fact that it is a huge danger for you and others. 8.
Avoid acid contact with the battery. . .
It is highly corrosive. 9.
Do not disconnect the battery of the disabled vehicle. 10.
Determine that the vehicle to jump is not in contact with the auxiliary vehicle.
In addition, you must not contact two cars at the same time when charging. 11. Turn your Easy-
Start the battery charger to the \"test\" position and plug the plug into the 12-of the dead car-
V/cigarette lighter socket. 12.
Plug another plug into the car with a good battery. 13.
In a car with no battery, turn the ignition key to the off position.
The test light will turn green and the charging light will turn red, indicating that the connection is good and firm. 14. Turn the Easy-
Start the battery charger switch to the \"charge\" position. 15.
Start the vehicle with a good battery and keep it running until it charges the battery without electricity. 16.
Once a car with no battery is charged properly, do not turn off the vehicle until you reach your destination;
Then check immediately if the battery has the right voltage.
Always remember to stay easy-
Start the battery charger that is not accessible to the child. The Easy-
Start up battery charger for emergency only.
Make sure the input to your car is 12-volts.
Don\'t use 24-
Because it will cause damage to the electrical system of your vehicle. The Easy-
Starting the battery charger is part of the Red Cross basic car condom piece.
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