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Laptop battery is one of the best computer accessories

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-23
As a professional dropship supplier of electronics, NearbyExpress provides all his customers with quality products such as laptop battery at factory-direct price. All the cell types of laptop battery there are Li-ion, which is the critical reason for customers to choose NearbyExpress as their NO.1 suppliers. In order to dig out the culprits behind factory-direct laptop battery, I would like to display you the clear comparison between advantages and disadvantages of Li-ion laptop battery. Note that both advantages and disadvantages depend on the materials and design that make up the battery. All following summary reflects older designs that use carbon anode, metal oxide cathodes, and lithium salt in an organic solvent for the electrolyte. 1, Wide variety of shapes and sizes efficiently fitting the devices they power with much lighter than other energy-equivalent secondary batteries. 2, High open circuit voltage in comparison to aqueous batteries (such as lead acid, nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium). This is beneficial because it increases the amount of power that can be transferred at a lower current. 3, No memory effect. Self-discharge rate of approximately 5-10% per month, compared to over 30% per month in common nickel metal hydride batteries, approximately 1.25% per month for Low Self-Discharge NiMH batteries and 10% per month in nickel-cadmium batteries. According to one manufacturer, lithium-ion cells (and, accordingly, 'dumb' lithium-ion batteries) do not have any self-discharge in the usual meaning of this word. What looks like a self-discharge in these batteries is a permanent loss of capacity (see Disadvantages). On the other hand, 'smart' lithium-ion batteries do self-discharge, due to the drain of the built-in voltage monitoring circuit. In addition to, components are environmentally safe as there is no free lithium metal. All in all, though li-ion laptop factory-direct laptop battery ( ) has many negative sides, the advantages are enough reasons for us to dig our dropship gold!
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