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Laptops are very delicate technical devices so

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-26
A. Sometimes it often happens that your laptop or notebook only charges when the power plug is twisted or pressed more.For solution of such a trouble you can check out the below lines. Battery charging failure can indicate several causes. It might happen either for: 1. A faulty AC adapter; or 2. Internal trouble of the laptop might also be the reason. For identifying the faulty part, first check the AC adapter with a voltmeter. If you see that the adapter has a normal output voltage then the power jack of the motherboard might be damaged. In such situation, you need to replace your laptop's power jack. If you face any issue replacing it then contact any online technical support service provider for better troubleshooting. B. At times your laptop's battery discharges very soon; even after long time charging. Such problem arises due to bad battery. Sometimes after using your laptop for 3-4 years, the laptop battery often gets drained. Laptop battery manufactures often suggests replacing your battery after 2-3 years of use. However, if you avoid that then you are likely to face problems with your battery since it will not survive long. The only solution to such a situation is to replace the battery. However, always buy the manufacturer's battery. C. Laptop even sometimes fails to detect its battery at all. Check immediately whether the battery is placed properly in the battery case at the back of the laptop. After you get confident of proper insertion of the battery, know that the problems lies somewhere else. The two main reasons for this issue are- 1. Either the battery has gone faulty; 2. The main board of the laptop is defective. Firstly, you can handle this trouble by replacing a working battery and check the connectivity. If still it continues then the motherboard is faulty. The circuit driver which controls the battery in the motherboard may be defective or the battery case which charges the battery has gone faulty. For solution either you can replace the motherboard or repair the laptop motherboard. If you find, it will be better to reinstate it then follow the instructions of online computer repair and change the old with the new. D. Sometimes the laptop recognizes the battery only when it is connected with the AC adapter. Reasons for such intricate issues are hard to identify. Whenever you unplug the AC adapter, the laptop turns off. It happens when the battery tray is full of dirt. To recover your laptop, try to remove the dust by any toothbrush. And if the battery is too old then replace it. Computer technical support professionals can guide in getting the right battery for you.
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