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Laser marking machine laser carving business is fire in the power adapter industry

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-22
( 1) 。 Smartphones - important constitute plate The power adapter! Let's analyze the laser marking machine in the mobile power adapter marking: follow users and manufacturers of adapter the identity of the demand is higher and higher! For example: collect vendor mobile power adapter is to use laser marking, laser marking is a kind of clean and pollution-free high environmental processing skills, it has not touch carve, deformation of workpiece, carve of high precision, high resolution, permanent good wear resistance. ( 2) 。 The power adapter radium vulture ( Famous brand) How is it? I'll tell you, just contact this row, the traditional way is to use screen printing in appearance for printing, screen printing ink flavor contrast, screen printing dot is not fine, difficult with color, the printing effect is not ideal, and screen printing using ink composition of chemical elements, all businesses are now specified requirements using the new technology of the low carbon environmental protection. Power adapter about design efficient charging and the accompanying, data more environmentally friendly, is a new luster to live long, feel very comfortable, fine workmanship, high quality sense is strong, transmission speed, strong stability data, 100 v to 240 electric original circumference, can deal with a variety of electricity using the original environment. ( 3) 。 To the development of The Times, the market demand, has been replaced by a advanced laser marking machine screen printing technology in the past, laser marking is a kind of high clean pollution-free green processing technology, it has the non-contact sculpture, deformation of workpiece, carving of high precision, high resolution, permanent good, strong wear resistance, etc. Now the power adapter, switching power supply, chargers, headsets trademark LOGO laser marking machine is used for processing, in order to achieve the best effect
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