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Low environmental folding mini charger brand

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-17
Quick charge time, quietly changing our habits of charging, more and more friends will choose the mobile phone support quick charge. At present the quick charge categories so many times, can try the folding mini charger of the brand. The folding charging speed and stable: the universal voltage design, in the 100 v - the input voltage range 240 v, the standard USB output interface, can provide 12 v1a output. Voltage and current value range is small, can guarantee the process of charging current transmission stability. M mini charger high-quality copper and imported IC solution, fully meet the national safety standards, internal use intelligent circuit design, can provide prevent short circuit, over voltage, over current multiple safety protection measures. Products through the CCC, UL, CUL, FCC, PSE certification, etc. All the raw materials have been strict quality certification. Another MINI and folding the charger is square appearance design, the fuselage shell material for high temperature resistant flame retardant ABS materials, highlights the shell, the fuselage size 39 * 27 * 35. 5 mm, plug use the design patterns can be folded, convenient travel and receive. Convenient to carry, also do not affect beautiful. Choose such a device, bring you a safe and efficient charge efficiency, low energy consumption and environmental protection folding mini charger.
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