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magic in device chargers and batteries from macworld 2011

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-17
Two accessories that are absolutely indispensable to IDevice users-chassis and charger/battery.
The charger is the most important thing so far: a case can protect your iPhone, but the charger or battery can keep it working.
The following is a series of equipment chargers (
And external batteries)
From multiple different uses
Expo from MacWorld 2011: Parat ParaSync-charge and sync 20 devices in 20 minutes, sync the charger to the charger case!
For museums, schools, businesses and fanatics with 20 ideas, they want to charge and sync all of these ideas without a chaotic cable: parat ParaSync-plug-and-play bulk sync for iPod and iPhone allows you to charge and sync up to 20 iPod or iPhone devices from iTunes in about 20 minutes (
2 gb data, depending on USB2 speed).
Put each iPod in its own slot and on 6. 5 lb, 12. 75\" by 10.
5 \"Take 2\" form factor-the whole thing looks like a candy-like display stand selling an iPod. (
Warning: You can\'t mix and match feessync devices!
Pricing is provided only at the time of quotation).
IDAPT 4 Universal Charger-more
Elegant charging equipment!
For home use, everyone in the home has a different device: IDAPT 4 Universal Charger-charge any 4 devices using a switchable adapter: There are three on the stand, and one is via USB
It\'s also good for personal use-charging your iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry (or Nokia)
At the same time, there are no wires neatly
Tangle, the fourth USB connector is turned on to charge your portable charger. 6. 65\" by 5. 47\" by 1.
26 \"appearance size, there is\" global compatibility \"on the mobile device charger prompt \".
It looks like a stylish electronic desktop statue. it\'s a stylish coffee table. Price $59. 99.
Joos Orange-very durable solar battery try solar charger when outdoors and your device does not have a battery: Joos Orange-portable solar energy that works even in the dark-ish light rain. Suntan-
The mirror helps to increase its acceptance. Water-proof, weather-proof, drop-
It is proved that a 5,400 replaceable battery pack is charged in \"direct sunlight 1 hour = 2 hours 3g call time.
Outdoor backpackfriendly 1. 5 lb, 8. 58\" x 5. 77\" x 0.
79 \"You can camp, swim, and even in the bathroom-where you can throw it in the toilet and it will still charge! Price $139. 95.
Look at our iPhone solar charger.
HyperMac-an external battery that can power your MacBook-and everything in!
Available at any time, anywhere-portable battery in cool --to-the-
Case of touch: HyperJuice (HyperMac)
-A range of portable external battery sizes that can power your iPod, iPhone, or any USB device all the way to your MacBook.
From micro 3600 mAh (18Wh)
To Mini 7200 mAh (36Wh)
For a large laptop of 222Wh, it plugs in 12 ~ 15 v air adapter that powers up to 30 hours for a 17-inch MacBook Pro.
Larger ones can supply less power for more than a few times.
There are all the colors of the rainbow, etc. Price ($69. 95 Sale)$99. 95 to $449. 95.
The same iPhone case for portable batteries . . . . . . What about the case with a portable battery for the best of both worlds: mophie-USB charger-
IPod Touch and all iPhones are available.
The larger version has cyan, magenta, yellow and black while the air (shown)
It is red, white or black.
The volume and mute buttons are installed on the IPhone 4.
The smallest shape factor is \"Juice Pack Air\" at 5 points \". 07\" by 2. 51\" by 0. 68\" at 2.
5 ounces, 1500 Myr. Price ($59. 95 Sale)$79. 95.
USB charger-
Case for iPhone 3/3GS, 4, iPad and iPod Touch.
Four blue LED indicators show battery and charging levels.
Like the Ford Model T, it has all the colors of matte black.
The enhanced case for the IPhone 4 is 5 \"by 2. 4\" by 0. 69\" at 2.
24 ounces, 1700 Myr.
The open installation of the Boost Case works with the side volume and mute buttons, which means it will work with the new Verizon iPhone 4, with its mute switch moving slightly. Price $59. 95.
This is also a folio iPad case for portable batteries!
Enhanced Case for IPad-
And the iPad\'s amazing 10-
An hour\'s battery life may be enough for a working daythe-
Go, there\'s an open box with a portable battery that means you can put all
No Supper tied to the plug.
Suitable for iPad like a thick folder (under 2 oz)
, You can turn on and support the device. 5400 mAh. Price $129. 95.
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