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make a zune ac adapter: 6 steps -

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-10
Here\'s a quick and easy way to do it without buying the actual Zune AC adapter from Microsoft.
Basically, you can operate the existing 5 v ac adapter to support the USB plug.
It is important to find the right AC adapter and connect it to the correct pin in the USB plug.
I told you everything.
The advantage of it is that it is actually a universal USB charger because it is equivalent to the existing USB port.
If your MP3 player needs a USB cable to charge the battery, then this will definitely work.
I recently found out that this only works for first generation Zunes like Fat 30gb and Fat 80gb Zunes.
Don\'t try this with the 2nd generation slim model zune (
4 gb, 8 gb, 30 gb, 80gb 120 gb slim zunes).
I found that the 2nd generation Zunes designed by Microsoft is not compatible with the third generation.
Square AC adapter.
Even the official AC adapter designed for 1st generation Zunes is not compatible with 2nd generation Zunes.
You need some very basic tools for this project, but nothing really fancy or expensive.
You can easily find all these things in radiowack.
The material you need to modify is: a 5 v ac adapter, a USB input plug (a. k. a female USB)
You can get the USB plug from the old USB extension cord you never use.
I took mine off a dead MP3 player.
Find the pins and make sure you know what each action of the four pins is.
I have included a Pinout chart in this structure.
There should be a pin on the back of the USB cable to weld the pin to the AC adapter plug.
You need an AC adapter with an output rating of about 5 V and up to 1 v. 0 Amps.
The reason for this is that we need it to be equivalent to the USB port of the computer, because that\'s how these MP3 players charge.
The rated voltage of the standard USB port is 5 V and 0. 5 Amps (500 milliAmps).
I know most computers, even Xbox 360, follow these standards.
The Playstation 2 also has a USB port with a rated voltage of 5 V, but I think its current is much lower.
The rate of current may vary for some MP3 players, and I\'m not sure if they can withstand 1.
Current 0 amps.
So your best option is to find an AC adapter with a rated power of 0. 5 Amps.
However, I am sure Zune can use the current of 1.
0 amps, actually charging faster.
The 5 volt AC adapter I used was actually used by the old phone.
I \'ve heard that you can find some AC adapters in radiowack, but you can also check eBay and other sites.
To clarify, find an AC adapter for 5 V and 0 V. 5 Amps (500 milliamps).
Zune can handle 1.
0 amp current, but do not exceed 0 if you are not sure what the rated current is for your MP3. 5 Amps.
First, make sure the AC adapter is not plugged in! ! !
Second, use your wire cutting machine and clip the plug at the end.
Don\'t try to modify the end with a huge black box (transformer)
Connected to the wall socket.
Then peel off the black insulation to reveal the red and black wires inside.
Before soldering these wires to a USB plug, make sure you know the pins.
If you take the USB so the pin is at the bottom then the pin on the far right will be positive.
The pin on the far left will be negative.
Since this is for data, you don\'t need two pins in the middle.
For more information, please refer to the Pinout picture attached to this manual.
Weld the red line to the positive lead foot in USB, and then weld the black line to the negative pin.
This is what you really need to do, but it is highly recommended to Insulating any exposed wires with a radiator or tape.
I didn\'t do this in any of my photos, so anyone reading this can clearly see what the wires should look like.
If you do everything right, you should be able to connect the MP3 player to this using a USB charging cable.
Because this is equivalent to a standard computer USB port, it should be compatible with MP3 players that use American charging.
For me, I just purchased the Zune AC adapter from Microsoft and saved $50 and you can as well.
By the way, this is my first note, so if you have any tips or questions, just PM me or email me at aDimWit @ hotmail. comThanks.
It is very important to find an AC adapter that meets your MP3 player specifications.
If you are planning to make a charging cable with another MP3 player, make sure you know the voltage and rated current of the player.
The voltage needs to be 5 Volts if charging with USB.
The current of different MP3 players may vary, and if you find an AC adapter that uses too much current, it will damage your player or battery.
The Zune voltage/current rating is 5 V, 1. 4 Amps.
Therefore, any AC adapter with a voltage of 5 volts and a current of less than 1.
Should work 4 amps.
If current above 1 is used.
You have the risk of bombing Zune.
I have confirmed an AC adapter with a rated voltage of 5 V 1.
0 AMP works fine on Zune, no issues.
Note: If you plan to make an adapter for a different MP3 player, you can usually find the voltage/current rating on the box package or on the player itself.
You can Google it too. Be careful.
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