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Meet the six levels of energy efficiency standard 12 v2a power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-04-30
The power adapter appearance design is concise, using black and white collocation flame retardant PC material, display quality. Does not have edges and corners rounded design for the elliptical shape, a corner, the overall size of 88. 5× 40× 28. 3 mm, weight about 80 g. Ultrasonic power adapter and shell joint line USES the hidden design, ultrasonic connect joint about 0. Less than 1 mm, nowhere not reflected as a famous craft level power supply manufacturer. Specifications, 100 - input support 12 v2a, design of broadband voltage 240 v, output power is 24 w, at the same time also has a short circuit, over voltage, over current protection function, let you have more protection equipment in the process of charging. In addition to the security, the power adapter can completely satisfy the us DOE VI of officially launched this year level of energy efficiency standards. Inspection requirements for materials is higher, and the production process control is strict, all material is environmental protection material.
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