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Metal car charger and plastic car charger which good?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-12
As is known to all, now most of the car with a car cigarette lighter socket, some car will also bring a USB charging interface, but some of the output current of the interface only 500 ma. Charging for the phone in the car is completely unable to meet, this time you need to use the car charger. About metal and plastic shell car-mounted charger shell car charger which good? In general, the car charger shell does not distinguish between metal and nonmetal, general metal car-mounted charger is aluminium alloy, good-looking appearance, but the process is bad words easy leakage, non-metallic generally for high temperature environmental protection material, relatively short appearance, but the insulation. In fact, the shell to use has no substantial influence function. Whatever material, car charger shell must meet the requirements of flame retardant, if the car charger internal components circuit or other problems, risks can be cut off within the product. Metal shell of the car charger is completely flame retardant, and nonmetal crust car-mounted charger is relative to let the person worry, general nonmetal crust has high temperature resistant flame retardant ABS engineering plastics and common plastics. According to the test, the car charger is negative short circuit, the temperature can be as high as 95 degrees Celsius, the plastic can be melted down directly. ASB engineering plastic has good electrical insulation, and almost not influenced by temperature, humidity and frequency, and good impact resistance. Full metal jacket material looks good on the surface of the car charger, however, because of the differences between the car cigarette lighter, put in some car cigarette lighter, probably because the metal shell conductive, cigarette lighter short circuit and burn out car insurance.
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