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Mobile phone charging speed slow? QC3。 0 quick charge

by:Fuyuang     2020-04-30
With smart phone function more and more powerful, people use every day to the frequency of the mobile phone is becoming more and more high, mobile power consumption is more and more big, so you often encountered problem is & other; Mobile phone is power off & throughout; 。 Sometimes can only helplessly looking at mobile phone automatically shut down! If in a hurry to go out, mobile phone recharge slow, office, date must be late! To charge their phone every day is a very troublesome thing, ever quick to recharge the phone plan? Of course! QUALCOMM QUALCOMM have introduced quick charge QC3 solution. 0 quick charge technology. QC3。 0 quick charge is a new generation of quick charge technology, carrying qualcomm Xiao dragon processor, charging speed four times faster than conventional charging! Is QC1. Two times of 0, QC2. Zero charging high efficiency 38%! This is by far the fastest the most efficient charging technology. QC3。 0 charging solution why so soon? QC3。 0 using optimal voltage intelligent negotiation ( INOV) Algorithm, based on 200 mv incremental one, from 3. 6 v to 20 v voltage flexible choice, mobile terminal can be adjusted to its support for the best voltage level, to achieve maximum power. Carry QC3. 0 fast filling technology of intelligent equipment charging time shorter! Say goodbye to the mobile phone charging slow worries! Go out follow one's inclinations, keep the battery! Have to say, QC3. 0 quick charge technology is the main melody of future intelligent products. On the market already carry QC3. 0 of quick charge technology mobile phones more and more. With mobile phone fast charging technology, are you still complaining about your cell phone charging slow?
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