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Mobile phone use original PD fast charge suddenly slow down how to handle?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-20
Now better phone support quick filling, but sometimes quick charge mobile phone charge will suddenly slow, that's because what? Low temperature can affect the slow activity resulting in charge of the battery. If the environment temperature is normal ( 0 ℃ to 45 ℃) Slow charging case, suggest you according to try the following method: 1, check the charging interface, can into the grey as usual we are used to put the cell phone pocket, located at the base of the mobile phone charging interface easily into ashes, interface with the power cord plug to poor contact. Loose interface will make the phone to receive current is not stable, and could form a larger current, the mobile phone motherboard damage. So mobile phone can't charge, should first check the mobile phone at the bottom of the interface to see if there is foreign bodies blocked. 2, if the phone power supply interface, without the word of the problem is likely to be charging cable problem! The length of the cable, thickness and tightness of pin, welding quality has an effect, interface of coating and so on. Change a try! 3, slow mobile phone charging, charging have no reaction, sometimes may be the reason for the system, and lead to cell phone can't charge, can restart. 4, because the physical properties of the battery, it is especially sensitive to temperature, go wrong is too high, too low will lead to charge power. 5, use the original charger, check whether to turn it off when the charging is full of electricity for a long time if, just appear, boot charging advice before charging close all daemons, replace the power supply socket rechargeable try after 8, backup important data, then restore factory Settings 9, if the problem persists, please carry upgrade invoice, warranty card and machine to the customer service center, by professional engineers to solve for you. Quick charge mobile phone after charging suddenly slow down, you can try to give it a try, 9 kinds of methods mentioned above can help you solve the problem of small, fast collection!
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