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Modern innovation in wireless industrial controls

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-11
Industrial wireless controls for crane service trucks are an innovative device used for controlling service crane trucks. These crane service industrial remote controls are used to get versatility and functionality you need to control service cranes. The installation of these devices takes the minimum time and they are very dependable units. In addition you can use them in all kinds of environments. The Remote Controlled Crane Service Trucks used in industrial sector are available in all frequency ranges. Depending on the system as well as machineries the frequency range may vary. However, the frequency for the normal purpose service cranes is 902-928 MHz FHSS. Apart from that 433.92, 869.7 and 2.4GHz frequency ranges are also available. This unique remote controlled service cranes are FCC approved and certified to use in explosive and hazardous environments. The whole unit is constructed in a water resistant, impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure to ensure the durability of the whole device. It can work well within a temperature specification of minus 20 F to 185 F. The installation of this device simply needs the power supply system to be connected. Normal 12/24 VDC rechargeable lithium ion battery is used as a main power supply for controlling the system. The battery can be charged with normal 12/24VDC charger and the charger is supplied. Battery once recharged is able to provide 30 hours continuous service. Low battery indicator is also available. These crane service industrial remote controls are available in different models. Depending on the models you will find some variation the product features. Normally these models are developed for Crane and Service truck applications requiring up to 12 control functions. All the modular components used in these service cranes allow for easy installation with custom wire harness supplied. The transmitter and receiver unit together operate a 56 bit digital code eliminating accidental operation caused by interference from other RF devices. All the parts replacement is simplified with the quick connect plugs and simple 'learn' button to link handheld and receiver. The transmitter is easily controllable with 12/24VDC rechargeable battery and the transmitter has low battery warning indicator with audible alarm and 300hr continuous transmission battery, 12/24VdC charger included. Remote controlled service cranes are developed for crane applications requiring interference-free, fail-safe machine control. All of these radio controlled service trucks are equipped with a frequency hopping spread spectrum technology that enables the service cranes prevent any types of electrical or radio interface. During a little signal interference the FHSS system enabled device shuts down the whole device keeping the machine in fail-safe condition. This ensures the safety of the unit.
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