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Noise coming from the power adapter is what reason?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-02
Why the power adapter noises? And how is this noise? The reasons for the noise? The following power adapter manufacturer instructions one by one to you. When ac 220 v through transformer transformer, through the variable dc rectifier, here is consumption, the consumption will be transformed into heat, so the power adapter will be fever is normal. Transformer is made of silicon steel sheet, after the transformer energizing, produce magnetic flux, flux can result in the generation between silicon steel sheet, the action of forces produced by buzzing sound, but this is normal. But too big voice is not normal, cause a lot of noise coming from the power adapter, as follows: 1, turn-to-turn short circuit. 2, damage of components. 3, alternating current (ac) voltage instability. 4, chip breakage. All these above is the cause of noise coming from the power adapter, to learn more wonderful content, please continue to pay attention to the power supply's official website!
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