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Notebook how to choose the power adapter? _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-22
Notebook how to choose the power adapter? 163, 2020 - 12 - 01 16:51:44 power adapter model has a lot of, people how to choose the power adapter, change several principles, on the line. 1, points clear purpose want to family use, and use it to sell in the office can buy a home, want the car to use, can buy a car, want to on the plane with the vehicle on the basis of the match a plane head is ok. In the home, car, plane, all want to both, will buy a seal, or triad. But if you don't want to multiple computer bag weight, can put a in the home, a car, put a in the office, so you can not bring bring, plug to plug, more convenient, also can give people around him. Voltage, current, 2 points clear which is have A look at the original laptop brand, behind the original charger and how much are the label of V, how much A, such as the original charger is 18. 5 v 3。 5 a output that is must buy 18. 5 v. But if it is 18. 5 v is best not to, although can charge, special circumstances of emergency can be charged, time for a long time can cause damage to the battery and laptop computers. That is to say, it will accurate voltage. 3, plug is the same. Charger joint probably is round or square, or porous, do himself, probably won't buy the wrong, even be fool. Your notebook symbols marked polarity is inside outside is negative, if signs and plotted on a laptop, absolutely not. 4, rated output current of the power adapter can not less than the rated input current of the computer. Your computer on the biggest input current is 3. 36 a, so when you buy the power adapter for the output current is greater than or equal to 3. A 36, the bigger the better, but the greater the output current means that the larger the rated power, waste too large, and very heavy, usually slightly larger than go, leave some allowance.
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