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Notebook power adapter with four kinds of protective properties

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-22
From the perspective of the usage of the majority of users, the laptops have considerable time will in light load or standby condition. With increased by 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% compared to load under the condition of energy efficiency, reduce the low load condition even under the condition of standby energy consumption and improve energy efficiency is more challenging. This requires the power controller has excellent light load or standby energy consumption performance. In addition, the power adapter for laptop also requires the following protections: the first: short circuit protection, SCP) Must be able to withstand the output short circuit without damage. When the fault disappear, adapter must be able to recover from a protection mode, and to provide the rated power. The second: over-voltage protection ( OVP) Under the condition of the damaged in the loop, such as optical coupler damage or TL431 partial pressure affected network, power adapter must immediately stop work, and in front of the user to restart the adapter remain in this state. The third: the over temperature protection ( OTP) If the power adapter temperature exceeds a certain value, the risk of the adapter is damaged. In order to avoid appear this kind of circumstance, you need to use thermal sensor to continuously monitor the temperature, and the temperature more than set designers under the condition of limit, the adapter will continue to be shut down. When the user to restart the power supply and temperature drop, reset the power adapter. Fourth: over power protection ( OPP) For some power, is important in the worst condition & ndash; — Such as the consumption of load current is too large, the maximum output current to maintain in a controlled state, rather than the actual short circuit. Notebook power adapter products have passed CE, CB, GS, BS, UL, CUL, FCC, NOM, PSE, KC, CCC, SAA, ERP, CEC and DOE, MEPS, ROHS certification, and other countries and regions, and can meet the needs of the customer's application for the safety of other countries. Buy the original notebook power adapter, please look for the brand, 18 years of production experience quality worthy of lai!
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