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Over current protection principle of regulated power supply adapter _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-22
Over current protection principle of regulated power supply adapter, 2020-958 07 - 09 15:52:12 in series regulated power supply adapter, all load current flowing through the tube. When overload, instant high-capacity capacitor charging or output short circuit, adjust the tube will flow through the big electric current. Especially when the output voltage were short circuit because of careless, all the input voltage is added in the series adjustment tube sets, shot between the poles, increase tube heat violent. Without proper protection measures at this moment, the pipe will be instantly destroyed. Transistor thermal inertia is smaller than the fuse fuse, so not to protect the former with the latter. Must be quick response electronic protection circuit to protect the pipe series adjustment. Electronic protection circuit can be divided into two categories, current limiting and river closure, the former to adjust the tube current limit under a TVC, while the latter on the output side when overload or short circuit accident immediately truncated adjust the tube current. Regulated dc power adapter will produce strong negative high voltage, then it's a cathode, access to a connected to the anode, and then make a strong electric field between the cathode and anode, electric field in the poles in excess of the prescribed intensity after discharge. Electric field ionization will happen around at this time, then can produce a large number of electrons and ions. After a while, can be heard in electric field around a strong electromagnetic wind. Can see a faint when dark purple blue corona. And around the electric field will produce a lot of tar, dust and so on many particles and ions or combination of electron and become charged, will this charged under the action of electric field force to the poles. Electronic quality very small, but its movement speed very fast, so is mainly done by burden electric particle movement.
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