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Pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. SK02T power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-24
Advocate the highly effective energy conservation and environmental protection in the development of the society at the same time, for electronic equipment in the power adapter, increasing environmental protection and energy saving of the task. Now many power companies have launched the energy conservation and environmental protection product. And SK02T power is instruments is such a product, the product output power for 15 watts, and conform to the six levels of energy efficiency standards. SK02T appearance of the power adapter is introduced: the power adapter shell adopts the environmental protection high temperature resistant fireproof plastic material and ultra-thin design style, and the hidden LED design, also adopted a specular surface treatment technology, the overall adopts full seal seamless process, every detail all show powerful design and technology. SK02T power adapter function is introduced: excellent power adapter naturally have high conversion efficiency and protection function, adopted by the product quality stability of inductance and capacitance sufficient protection circuit. Internal short circuit, over voltage and over current protection, security and stability.
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