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PC users always try to get the best computer systems

by:Fuyuang     2020-07-03
Why these boot problems occur to your system? Virus infection, software and hardware issues are some of the reasons that can cause the booting problem of your Toshiba laptop. But don't worry; the boot problem can be easily remedied, if you follow certain correct troubleshooting techniques. With the help of the PC repair services, you can mend your laptop to its working condition again. Initial Hardware Checking You should start with checking the battery life of your laptop. Make sure that your laptop has enough battery charge for booting up. If the battery lacks charge, immediately charge it with an AC adapter and then try to boot your laptop. In case this does not prove to be very fruitful, plug AC adapter in the power outlet. Again, if this does not resolve the issue, you have to check the external drives like the external hard drives, flash drive, etc that are connected to your system by the aid of USB port. Unplug the external drive from your laptop and press its power button. You might find that the laptop is powered on but it fails to launch your operating system. In such cases, you can get some help from computer repair service or follow the next step give here. Hard Disk Checking You should make sure that your hard disk is functioning properly in boot sequence in the BIOS; otherwise your laptop will not boot your operating system. Rebooting your system, press the key that leads to BIOS page and then set the hard disk in the first place of your 'boot sequence'. Depending on the brand of your BIOS installed on your laptop, the steps involving loading of BIOS and navigation through BIOS pages will vary from system to system. You can know more about the BIOS from the technical support online professionals. Choosing the BIOS In case, you see that an error page appears before the booting of your operating system, you have to select boot to its 'Last known good configuration'. It might happen that your laptop again starts rebooting on its own even after selecting this option. In that case, you should select the option of 'Start Windows Normally', if it is present in the list. Reinstallation Operating System Your last step will be to repair or reinstall the OS, in case your laptop cannot boot after conducting the above steps. Remote tech support team will help you on retaining your data and reinstalling your operating system. If you are repairing the OS, there is not danger of losing the data.
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