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PD 45 w charger for apple laptops can be customized LOGO

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-20
PD technology in 3. The era! It is compatibility wider quick charge agreement, charging technology can almost to global offer any device at full charge. Support for mobile phones, tablet PC, laptop, etc. , small new carry, lightning PD3. 0, can support the apple PD fast charger, support samsung QC/millet fast charger, support smart watches small current charging, etc. The PD charger openness is very strong, as long as the PD on the charger and charging equipment can match, and successfully match on charging voltage, then it can charge the battery for PD. For a third-party PD charger, very obvious advantages, its charge is wider, better compatibility, as a universal athletes. “ SK - PD45 - Throughout 001 PD charger &; USES a stand-up output, the output power of 45 w, support 5 v3a, 9 v3a, 12 v2. 5、15 v3a 20 v2。 25 a five charging voltage, promote efficiency, to reduce the fever, small volume, high power truly, and go out only a charger, joint, removable, has passed the GS/CE/UL/FCC/CCC/PSE certification, and very strong stability. The PD charger adopts two kinds of classic black and white appearance, from appearance looks poised, very simple sense, both business talk or travel to carry out, is very suitable. The charger is equipped with a USB - C output interface, can be free replacement for each region of the plug, also can choose fixed plug or cable connection, so as to meet the different place different changes in the environment are not affect the normal use of the charger. Insist on innovation, continuous improvement, even though the product is not retail directly, but can be directly to the alibaba website, or directly to factory visit, investigate and search 45 WPD charger. Notebook computers, digital products, such as the perimeter of the power adapter, factory can be customized according to customer's requirements specifications, in the power industry has a good reputation.
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