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PD is the power adapter? Can make charge everywhere

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-18
PD power adapter is the power adapter with PD agreement, that is what PD agreement? PD full name PowerDelivery, Chinese meaning for power transmission management. PD is USB - charge agreement IF groups put the power transfer agreements, USB - Power Delivery can be type - C interface to 100 w. USB - Power Delivery is one of the mainstream of quick charge agreement, is made up of USB - IF to make a fast charging standard. USB PD increase electricity through a USB cable and connectors, extend the USB cable bus power supply ability of application. The specification can achieve higher voltage and current, the conveying of up to 100 watts, and free to change the direction of power transmission. The present PD power adapter are generally two kinds of interface, USB interface and the USB interface C A. From the perspective of function definition, the core function is the PD for PD power adapter quick charge. Into the era of fast charger, power adapter definitions would never like traditional power adapter single function, different customer demand for multi-port control logic will be different, in addition, a display mode, the control mode will have different requirements. And customized for a function, is the traditional strengths of MCU, can support to the diversification of customer needs. New PD charger, for a third party PD charger, very obvious advantages, its charge is wider, better compatibility, as a universal athletes. SK - PD45 - 001 PD charger USES a stand-up output, the output power of 45 w, support 5 v3a, 9 v3a, 12 v2. 5、15 v3a 20 v2。 25 a five charging voltage, and very strong stability. The PD charger adopts two kinds of classic black and white appearance, from appearance looks poised, very simple sense, whether for business or tourism, is very suitable. The charger is equipped with a USB - C output interface, can be free replacement for each region of the plug, also can choose fixed plug or cable connection, so as to meet the different place different changes in the environment are not affect the normal use of the charger. PD is extended to the power delivery, fast charging technology, PD power adapter, type - C charger, quick charging source said most are actually a mean. But the PD power adapter and far more than quick charge so simple, besides has the characteristics of fast charging, he also has the traditional power adapter does not have some other advantages. Which has the function of PD Type - C can make charge everywhere. For example, you can use the same charger, go to the computer, mobile phone, power adapter to charge; You can also keep the cell phone, tablet, notebook PC share power. Share electricity when you can change the direction of power supply, etc. In the future, according to PD charging protocol development, you can put the car battery, lithium battery electric vehicle, and portable devices of lithium battery as charging treasure, recharge your phone, provide emergency need. In short PD power can do power sharing, you are more convenient for power supply. With the power of the pd PD3. 0 quick charge agreement, support for PPS, QC3. 0/4. Automatic identification of 0, 6 kinds of voltage.
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