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pondy univ student wins robotic races | puducherry news - times of india

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-24
Local Governance: First Grade
M. Sanjidhan, an MBA student at the University of pondicry, beat his closest opponent in two international robotics competitions with more than 10 seconds and won Rs 2 lakh
The all-India Robotics and Automation Commission and the joint Ministry of Science and Technology organized the two games in New Delhi.
All of San Jidan-
Terrain Racing robot ranked first in the International Robot Alliance at a speed of 40 seconds, which is only open to college students and completed the first of the World Robot Championship at a speed of 58 seconds, the tournament is open to all categories including students, amateurs and experts.
About 100 players from more than 20 countries participated in two international robot competitions. “It is an all-
Terrain Robots can be used in-road and off-road racing.
It is basically a manual robot with wired control.
Sanjidhan, who joined the MBA, said: \"Four DC motors are used to drive robots, which operate in parallel with two motors . \"
International Business)
B after completion. Tech (
Electronic and Communication Engineering
In a private university in puduchry.
He uses the toggle switch to supply power to the motor in the robot to better control the speed of the robot.
\"The power supply of the robot must be based on the nature of the race track.
I basically change the power supply (7V and 12V)to the robot.
When 7 v is provided, the robot will be a little slower, and when 12 v is provided, it will move 50% faster.
I use the toggle switch to control the speed depending on the track condition.
This gives me an advantage over wireless robots.
Because the only major difference between wireless and wired robots is speed control, \"he said.
He strongly believes that in this analogy, the performance of wired robots is better than that of wireless robots.
\"Wired robots have several advantages over wireless robots.
There won\'t be any sync issues.
And cost-
Efficient, sustainable and sustainable.
\"Last but not least, we can have more control over robots,\" he said . \".
Sanjidhan uses wheels suitable for all terrain.
\"The wheel used in the robot is similar to the wheel used when the robot competes for radio --
Control nitrogen (fuel)racing.
I made some changes in order to install these wheels on this robot, \"said Sanjidhan, who is keen to set up a robot school in the country to teach students.
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