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Power adapter detailed classification and advantages and disadvantages of the Vibration huan power 】 _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-23
Power adapter detailed classification and advantages and disadvantages of the Power 】 907, 2020 - 08 - 01 11:17:56 1) The ac adapter power adapter is to use the advantages of power semiconductor components of a static variable frequency power supply, is through the thyristor power frequency ( 50Hz) For intermediate frequency ( 400Hz~200kHz) The static frequency conversion technology. There are two kinds of frequency conversion way: cross - Straight - Frequency conversion and cross - Frequency conversion. Compared with the traditional power generating set, it has flexible control, big output power, high efficiency, easy to change operating frequency, low noise, small volume, light quality, installation is simple, and easy in operation and maintenance, and in building material, metallurgy, national defense, railway, petroleum and other industries widely used. High efficiency of the power adapter, inverter. The main technology used in modern power adapter and advantages as follows. ( 1) USES modern the activation method for power adapter he turned in the form of self-excited sweep frequency type zero pressure soft start way, in the entire launch process, frequency adjustment system and the current, voltage adjustment time closed-loop system to track the change of the load, achieve the soft start, this way of starting a small impact on thyristor, and is beneficial to extend the service life of thyristor, have both light and heavy load are the advantages of easy to start, especially when furnaces full furnace, cold furnace can easily start. ( 2) Modern power adapter of constant power control circuit, control circuit with microprocessor with inverter Ф Angle automatic control circuit, in the process of operation, automatically at any time to monitor the change of voltage, current, frequency, and thus determine the change of load, automatic adjust the load impedance matching, constant power output, so as to achieve quarter, power saving, the purpose of raising power factor, energy saving, small power grid pollution. ( 3) CPLD control circuit of the software design of modern power adapter, its program input by the computer to complete the pulse of high precision, anti-jamming, fast response, convenient debugging, characteristics of river closure, cutting pressure, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, lack of equal protection function, because each circuit components are always work in a safe range, thus greatly improving the service life of the power adapter. ( 4) Modern power adapter can automatically judge three-phase phase sequence into the line, do not need to distinguish between A, B, C phase sequence, debugging is extremely convenient. ( 5) Modern power adapter circuit board production are all made of wave automatic welding, no virtual welding, all kinds of control system are all made of contactless electronic adjustment, trouble-free, failure rate is extremely low, operation is extremely convenient. 2) The classification of the power adapter power adapter according to the different filter, can be classified into current type and voltage type. Current mode based on dc flat wave reactor filter, can obtain relatively flat dc current, load current as the rectangular wave, sine wave load voltage; Voltage type USES capacitor filter, can obtain relatively flat dc voltage, load on both ends of the voltage of rectangular wave, load power approximation for sine wave. Power adapter according to the load resonance method can be divided into parallel resonant type, series resonant type and series parallel resonant type 3 kinds. Current mode is often used in parallel and series parallel resonant inverter circuit; Voltage type is mostly used for series resonant inverter circuit.
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