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Power adapter manufacturer sharing: charger _ classification

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-01
Power adapter manufacturer sharing: charger classification of 2020-1492 05 - 21 10:57:10 1 charger according to the energy use pattern classification ordinary charger: using ordinary households through the transformer to provide energy sources such as solar charger, solar panel to collect solar energy wireless charger, hand charger using the electromagnetic coupling principle: using human 2 charger according to the use of mobile phone chargers products classification laptop charger electric car charger large machine camera charger, such as electric toy charger 3 charger according to use classification senior business: business travel charger, charging speed and very safe, a little higher price is usually the charger; Seat charger: unique, novel and beautiful appearance, easy to carry and suitable filling capacity of 200 - 3000 mah lithium ion ( LI- ION) Nickel metal hydride ( NI- Mh) Mobile phone battery, with intelligent identification circuit that can automatically convert the charger output polarity to apply battery are the anode, charging excellent results, is an ideal partner to home/cell phones while traveling; USB charger: take the USB output interface, protect recharge MP3/4, digital camera, etc; Cell phone charger: general straight imitation; Car charger, universal power for power supply device to the car charger. 4 charger classified by raw material nickel cadmium charger nickel-metal hydride lead-acid battery charger, lithium ion battery charger
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