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Power adapter manufacturer: what charger fever is _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-31
Power adapter manufacturer: charger fever is going on in 2020-980 05 - 21 10:12:01 phone should all know! Now no matter what cannot leave the mobile phone, but the most electronic products must be on the charging, the charger for mobile phone is always hot, charging mobile phone charger fever how to return a responsibility. Power adapter manufacturers to introduce the charger fever is how to return a responsibility, fast and see it. Phone charger when charging fever phenomenon is normal, but the main reason is that the charger is within high efficiency switching power supply, but due to the power factor of less than 0. 7, the remaining part of the energy consumption has been largely are converted into heat energy, so the charger is a little hot when charging is very normal, as long as no peculiar smell, don't tube it, but it's better in the open air, because the heat will accelerate electronic components ageing. Common mobile phone charger, after apart, above is the main device, the practice of switching power supply is first rectifier, and then through the switch tube and the method of high frequency transformer to break through the transformer output a pulse adjustable voltage, duty ratio control can control the output voltage size, and then after the output voltage of the transformer rectifier voltage filtering again into a low voltage dc 5 v voltage, mobile phone charger. As you can see this kind of process, and the existence of high-frequency pulse voltage and current ripple, the energy change of process, the power consumption will happen for certain, it contains the on off loss, switch loss and peripheral control circuit loss, as long as there is loss, will be hot. Switch tube at the time of transmission, because the presence of internal resistance, so there will be a transmission loss, and the frequency has a certain relationship. And diode, according to its characteristics of PN section, it will have certain fixed pressure drop, by the current, the greater the heat will be the more powerful. As for inductance and transformer, there will be a core loss, copper loss and eddy current loss and so on. Capacitance will also have internal resistance, leakage current and dielectric loss, etc. , as for the back to the way of resistance, through the current will be hot. Below about overheating charger solutions: 1, first of all, we can charge the battery in a cool environment. If the phone charger overheating, charging that it is best in a cool environment, such as the air-conditioned room. This mobile phone charger is not overheating. 2, use the original charger. Mobile phone charging, should use the original charger, it can guarantee the stability of output current, and protect the batteries. Original charger will be fever, but does not overheat protection device. If you charger overheating that is fake, or is not original. 3 don't play with mobile phones, mobile phone charging. When charging the mobile phone also play mobile phone, lead to overheating of mobile phone chargers, because more than normal work for a period of time, so the charger will not, will reduce the life of the charger. 4, don't overcharge. General mobile phone charging original charger can charge three hours or so, don't continue to charge again after, otherwise it will cause over load operation of the charger, become overheated. To timely unplug chargers. 5, be careful around the heat source. To cell phone charging, the charger should be placed far away from heat source, such as gas stoves, steam pan, etc. , in order to avoid the environment temperature is too high, lead to overheating charger. 6, to lower the number of charging. If one day charge for many times, can lead to overheating charger, so you should control the number of charging, generally charge once a day or two, can help prolong the life of the charger. 7, when charging, mobile phone as far as possible to turn it off. Both to prolong the life of the charger, also can protect the cell phone. 8, general mobile phone charging, if the battery slightly hot, then belongs to the normal phenomenon, do not need excessive concern. Charge mobile phone panels fever there are many kinds of situations, which is mainly in charge of process of the use of mobile phones, this leads to the voltage instability caused by the battery charging fever, there is too little battery remaining power, battery voltage with the charger voltage from within, and such as charging voltage instability, hot could lead to a phone. 9, charging head in charge when the charging module also can produce a larger quantity of heat, there will be a slight fever, under normal circumstances surface temperature does not exceed 50 degrees. ( Normal) 10, mobile phone charger with high frequency transformer, the transformed by the pulsating voltage of the switch tube, appearance is very small, but the working frequency is very high, can achieve a few KHZ, so the heat is very big, there are also some integrated block, also will be hot as long as it's not too hot, you can use. The last of the last, and then introduce an iPhone charger is not the small folk prescription of fever, also be read from the Internet, did not test, the method is very simple, if you think the charger in you have the feeling of hot charging, you can put the interface of the data line, in turn, the charger is not so hot at this moment, not even hot. The analysis of the above is my cell phone charger when very hot whether there is a problem, I believe you also have some idea.
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