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Power adapter production: lithium battery charger (methods error parsing and matters needing attention

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-28
Power adapter production: lithium battery charger (method error parsing and matters needing attention - 2017 05 - 31 author: click: power adapter production: lithium battery charger (method error parsing and matters needing attention, lithium battery charger to - - - - - - - If doing a new battery, the charging way to cope with new batteries, the top three main charging official spread over 12 hours to activate the battery 'but this kind of statement is accurate? So wrong? ~ ~ the answer is wrong ~ ~ because reason 1: this kind of statement from nickel battery straight up but lithium-ion and nickel batteries charging and discharging characteristics has great difference, deal with lithium battery, discharge and charge will bring significant harm to the battery, is the best charging by method of standard time and standard, remember not to charge more than 12 hours. Reason reason two: the lithium battery after a full charge will take the initiative to stop charging, but keep it on the charger, can discharge - is present Recharge cycles, the battery charge and discharge protection circuit can produce change, the characteristics of a battery on the verge of risk. Second, the lithium battery charger (way - - - - - - - Disorder utilization of charge against intended for lithium battery charging in disorder utilization shall be intended this achievement, can vary, some friend said 'it used to take the initiative to shut down, there was no electricity recharging' left but some friend did 'increases with the increasing in charge' to deal with this result, small make up or stop using behavior in theory with the first statement, but the needs of the invention is not to do so, the end is why? Let me take a look at ~ ~ because reason 1: the lithium battery life is as usual for 300 ~ 500 charge cycles, assuming a full discharge of electricity supply for 1 q does not consider charging each cycle the power cut, the lithium battery can supply 300 q and 500 q power. If every time with 1/2 charging, can charge - 600 1000 times; If every time with a third point, is able to charge 900 - 1500 times; If random charging, the number of times. In a word, can make up into a total of 300 q - 500 q is power is constant, the lithium battery life and the total charge capacity of the battery, but and charging times, deep feed deep filling may be shallow shallow imitation of lithium battery life is not too big effect. Reason reason 2: as a matter of fact, shallow shallow filled with lithium electricity more is good, as long as the product of the power supply module for lithium electricity school time, have a deep deep filling needs. In normal use process, can not constrained by using photoelectric charge again, can increases with the increasing in charge, so as to facilitate first. Three, lithium battery charging way - - - - - - - Note note a: avoid charging when temperature is too high if charging when the temperature is higher than the control temperature ( 35℃) Lithium battery power will persist cut, that is, full of electricity of power supply time longer, the battery quality formation damage, low battery life. Note 2: avoid charging when the temperature is too low if charging when in low temperature ( 4 ℃ below) Battery power will persist, cuts and render without electricity, but with low temperatures is different, is not always destroyed, when the temperature drops to the right, the battery will return to the previous status. Note 3: often use often use to make lithium-ion batteries in electronic has been in a activity, is helpful to the extension of its life. If they do not often use of words, remember every months to implement a rechargeable lithium battery cycle, namely the deep deep to charge. The power adapter production
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