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Power supply manufacturer: how to identify the quality of the power adapter _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-02
Power supply manufacturer: how to identify the quality of the power adapter, 2020-842 09 - 07 16:44:38 nowadays with the development of intelligent products constantly updated, the domestic power adapter industry is rapidly developing, different models, power switch power adapter has the influx of a large number of our lives, but due to price level and scale, the difference of the production process, then the quality of the production of power adapter, the price also can have very big difference, so how do we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the switch power adapter? We can to quickly identify from several aspects: 1, check whether the power adapter CCC certificate is effective for the control of the power adapter in China, belongs to the scope of national compulsory certification directory. So regular power adapter in the domestic market circulation of the national compulsory certification, when we buy power adapter, we first look to identify whether nameplate printed on the CCC mark, in addition we can inquire on the net this product certificate type, etc. , if the product has passed CCC certification, so we can choose the power adapter. 2, carefully check the power adapter of the interface of the second step, we are going to see the power adapter and plug, determine the size of the DC head to tell you the equipment is used, this is the most basic, if you are not match size that didn't also the way to use. 3, check the power supply adapter interface and then watch the DC plug head will have loose case, because if the power adapter interface instability will cause the whole machine of the current instability, can cause damage to equipment, safety accidents.
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