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Powermonkey Extreme solar charger equipment for

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-11
It is the newest brother to the very successful and well regarded powermonkey explorer. It houses an enormous 9000mAh capacity Lithium Polymer battery and provides user real supremacy in a compact, durable shell. The unit is capable of charging most 5V devices, including an iPad up to 6 times, and regular mobiles up to 12 times. The powermonkey extreme has two external channels; one channel outputs up to 700mAh at the same time as the DC port outputs up to 2.1Amps to support the Apple iPad (iPad friendly cable included) and other tablet. It's worth mentioning that the iPad can be recharged directly from the regular USB socket but will charge quicker when using the supplied cable through the DC out port. You can also clip it up to the Samsung Galaxy Tab via the Galaxy Tab Cable. IP67 rated - mentioning it is waterproof for half an hour up to 1 meter - and shock resistant, that's why the extreme solar charger is ideal for the outdoor, marine & adventure fan, as well as aid agencies & military. Including an LCD screen which displays battery capability level and working condition (on/off), its exclusive 1 touch friction swipe ON/OFF system is designed so the component can only be switched on once attached to a device and will not be accidentally turned on when not in use. When the 5V tablet computer or device is fully recharged, the auto shut-off feature means the powermonkey extreme will switch itself off after two minutes. The powermonkey extreme solar charger is to be recharged in 3 ways; by the universal mains charger, by the solar panel or by USB. Whilst the unit is charging, the LCD display will be red, once fully recharged, the display will turn green. When the kit is in use, the display will be blue. The strong, clam-shell planned solar panel produces three Watt of power in full daylight, allowing complete recharge of the powermonkey extreme in 15 hours in optimum light circumstances. It also has a solar energy recognition feature which activates the integrated state-of-the-art MPPT technology, letting the solar panel to recharge the powermonkey extreme kit more efficiently in dim light conditions. The powermonkey extreme kit weights 242g and shapes 152 x 59.5 x 28mm, whilst the solar panel weights 214g shapes 171 x 90 mm and is 18mm width when folded. IT is available in 5 outstanding diffrent colors: Sleek Black, Graphite Grey, Electric Blue, Vibrant Red and Safety Yellow.
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