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QC2 charging fast one step. 0 quick charge

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-04
You are in for mobile phone charging too slowly? QC2。 0 quick charge to help you solve the charging time is too long. , the charger in today's market competition is fierce and brutal price war leads to low profits, be badly in need of new technological breakthrough win the market, meet the consumer's pain points, cell phone battery is low and slow charging has been a headache for consumers, qualcomm Quick Charge 2. 0 ( Hereinafter referred to as the QC2. 0) Quick charge technology since its launch, more and more such as samsung, huawei, millet mobile phone support quick charge. But the third party manufacturer QC2. 0 charger but rare hearing that there was a little trouble with the player. QC2。 0 quick charger scheme characteristic specialized is engaged in power supply product research and development for many years, combining with qualcomm QC2. 0, has successfully developed fast filling solution, greatly saves the charging time. New development of quick charge has the ability to recognize, according to the mobile terminal in the micro USB interface DP/DM to send data command, adjust their output voltage, voltage increased to 9 v or 12 v, improving the power of charging, cell phone charging time greatly shortened. Product features: fast charging pad, a new scheme, high input and high output, high double effect in half the time. Technical parameters for reference as follows: & middot; Apply to qualcomm Qualcomm® 快速充电™ 2. 0 ( QC2。 0) The quick charge agreement & middot; Input: - 100 240 v ( Adaptive) · Output: 5. 0 v / 2。 0A or 9V/1. 2A 12V1A( Adaptive) · Working temperature: - 10℃- 40℃压力; Storage, transportation temperature: - 20℃- 50℃压力; The input power: from the power adapter charging, computer USB interface. · Cycle life: not less than 5000 & middot; Product performance: change to charge, short circuit protection, thermal protection, over-voltage over-current protection, booster short circuit protection. Fast charging source quality guarantee faster charging will lead to a series of problems: how to flexible compatible with a number of different specifications of the phone on the market, how to control the charging fever and improve the battery life, etc. Experienced technical experts capable of that. Research and development in the field of power supply for many years, to master the art of quick charge details, provided by the scheme has the following advantages. Multiple protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection, over-voltage over-current protection, short-circuit protection booster flexible adaptation: built-in smart chip and circuit. Have the ability to recognize and adapt to the external mobile phone requirements change charge, it also solved many consumers are not quick charge agreement phone, use the quick charge will have an impact on the phone itself doubts! High reliability technology solutions, can quickly help customers at home and abroad through all kinds of quality certification. Changes in the development of power market, will certainly to fast charge. The general power supply manufacturer, only adapt to this trend, can survive in the fierce market competition. Adopt advanced fast charging technology plan, will help you to seize market opportunities, seize the quick recharge source of new business opportunities.
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