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Quick was appliances for ordinary mobile phone charge?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-08
Decided to phone in reality there are a lot of speed, power consumption, such as signal strength, location of switches, daemon, and even the environment temperature will affect consumption, so, while it is true that a quick charge conversion rate is higher than the standard charge, but the level is relatively high. Technology again for the quick charge, it can really be called technology of quick charge technology has two kinds, one is flash technology, one kind is qualcomm QuickCharge2. 0 technology, the two technologies are combined to achieve to the charger with mobile phone hardware, a deficiency can affect the effect. Let's say flash filling technology. One is a piecewise charging current control, another is more line of charging cable and battery set. In simple terms, is actually in the cell phone battery is low, the bigger current charging, as the charging voltage and charging current drops, this is the so-called piecewise charging current control. In addition, the flash charging cable filling line is made of ordinary expanded from 7 pin 4 or 5 needle, mainly in order to solve the large current problems in the transmission line loss is too high, the contact of the battery also increases accordingly, and take measures for certain flow, is also in order to solve the large electric heat flow batteries. Its the biggest advantage is that the battery also has carried on the corresponding adjustment, can reduce the battery and the heat of the whole system. The second advantage is reliability design, but this is not the key technology, and we don't do in detail. The third is a fast, especially in the later period, flash filling in quick charge is the fastest. But it is not perfect to have no faults, on the contrary, flash has a fatal flaw, is that it and other android compatibility problem of mobile phone charging, the charging adapter, cables, batteries, cell phone side circuit is its own technology, lead to difficult to promote this technology. May also affect their mobile phone user's experience, because the essence of flash filling is focused on the charger, so if you go out to forget to bring the charger, the charging efficiency will sell at a discount greatly, and this kind of situation is really easy to happen. On the other hand, if you use flash was appliances to other mobile phone charging, because there is no corresponding phone adapter, so charging effect is just equal to a large current charging, there will be no flash charging adapter and the effect of mobile phone. Qualcomm under again for Quick Charge 2. 0 technologies, its core is to reduce the charging current by increasing charging voltage, so as to reduce the power consumption on the charging circuit, in the mobile side will have corresponding buck circuit, the circuit will be conversion for low voltage high current low flow. So, essentially flash filling and Quick Charge 2. 0 is the same, is through at the beginning of the cell to cell phone battery supply larger charging current, as the battery voltage and gradually reduce the charging current. The advantages and disadvantages, the Quick Charge 2. 0 is the biggest advantage of its technical compatibility and inheritance is good, its external interface USES a standard USB, don't have to buy a dedicated cable, but there is no Quick Charge mobile phones in the Quick Charge 2. 0 charger, charging is in accordance with the common way. Its drawback is that cell phones side relative to charge mobile phones will have larger fever, charging the slower. From a purely technical point of view, flash is actually better than filling the Quick Charge 2. Zero, because it is in charge of each link all made corresponding adjustments, but want to popularization, simple technology itself is not realistic. From the perspective of development, because of integrated chip properties, Quick Charge 2. 0 is more suitable for popularization, and there is a lot of high-end models have already adopted the technology, basic has formed a kind of ecological environment, the impetus of giant will play a large role. In short: quick recharge source because of the large current output, to the ordinary mobile phone recharge, even in normal mode, compared to the conventional charger will be faster, but on the charging efficiency must be unable to achieve the result of adaptation of quick charge technology mobile phone.
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