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raspberry pi wall mounted google calendar

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-09
If you are in the US or Australia as I am, you will want to change the keyboard layout to us.
To do this, you need to change the file by opening the terminal and entering a command: sudo nano/etc/default/keyboard use the arrow keys to move the cursor and change gb to us.
Now save the changes by pressing ctrl X and Y to update the Pi, type the following command: sudo apt-
Get update sudo apt-
Get the upgrade press y and click enter to download the update (
It takes a long time, so go for a coffee/beer).
You can skip this step if you just want to use Ethernet. To get your Wi-
You may need to edit wpa_supply.
Populate the conf file by typing sudo nano/etc/wpa_supply.
Then make it look like this: ctrl _ interface =/var/run/wpa_requester Network = {
Key = RSN scan_ssid = 1 key_admin = WPA-
Update _ config = 1 to save the file Press ctrl x then Y then enter: sudo reboot you should be able to see Wi-
Fi dongle has an IP address with command sudo ifconfig and you should get something like this0. 0. 75 Bcast:10. 0. 0. 255 Mask:255. 255. 255.
Run multicast MTU: 1500 metric: 1 RX packet: 912384 error: 0 discard: 121692 overflow: 0 frame: 0 TX packet: 706463 error: 0 discard: 0 overflow: 0 carrier: 0 conflict: 0 txqueuelen: 1000 RX bytes: 694114055 (661. 9 MiB)
TX bytes: 71017681 (67. 7 MiB)
Now we will install a browser that will display your google calendar correctly.
Iceweasel is a derivative of Mozilla Firefox. to install, enter the following command. sudo apt-
Get iceweasel of type y of installation, then click enter to complete the download and installation.
Once it\'s done, Iceweasel pops up in the menu under the internet and opens it so we can start the configuration.
First open your google Calendar and save your password in case you log out at some point.
Now set the google calendar to your start page.
Now, we need to disable the recovery page after crash in case of power failure. It\'s annoying that google calendar may not show up separately if you don\'t connect KB/mouse.
Type about: configuration in the address field and click enter.
Now find \"browser \". sessionstore.
Resum_from_crash \"line, double-click to change it to false.
Click the F11 key to enter full screen, hover over the top of the screen, and then close the browser after x appears in the top right corner. Re-
Open the browser and it should open your google Calendar and still be full screen.
We also want Iceweasel to start automatically, so we need to change the auto start option.
Sudo nano/etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart add @ iceweasel to the list and now press ctrl x Y and enter to save the changes. The cursor and stop the screen from entering powersave/sleep mode.
First, we will install Unclutter to clear the cursor when it is not in use. sudo apt-
Now we need to edit/etc/LightDM.
Conf file to prevent powersave/sleep modesudo nano/etc/light dm.
Conf moves down :[SeatDefaults]
Change this line: xserver-
Command = X to this: xserver-command=X -
S 0-DPMS press ctrl x now, then Y, then enter to save the changes. Now you can plug it into the wall-mounted display and turn on all the settings.
If something stops working, just unplug the pi and plug it back in, hey, she\'ll start over.
Unfortunately, my spare HDMI display does not have a screw hole for the wall mount bracket.
I have decided to use the old VGA monitor I have placed and just wait for the HDMI to VGA converter.
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