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Rocketfish AC adapters are universal-style adapters

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-27
Correct Wattage The dv6000 series of laptops require an adapter that provides 65 or 90 watts of power, depending on your specific model. An AC adapter can safely offer more than the laptop's required wattage, but never less. If your dv6000 series laptop requires only 65W of power, you can still use Rocketfish's 90W adapter, as the laptop will accept only the amount of power it needs; an adapter with a wattage lower than 65, however, may damage your computer. To quickly figure how many watts your laptop needs, find the label on the underside of the machine that lists the required voltage (V) and amperage (A) and multiply the two numbers together. Correct Connector Tip In addition to the correct wattage, a replacement adapter requires a laptop connector tip in the correct size and shape. Rocketfish's 90W adapter comes with 10 different tip sizes, each with a small number printed on the back. The correct connector tips, as listed in the compatibility guide for the dv6000 series of laptops, are MT5 and MT28. Do not force a tip into your laptop's charger port, as this could damage the port or the tip. It should fit snugly with no wiggle room. Availability Rocketfish adapters are available online from the company's website, or through Best Buy retail stores. Different adapters are available, for laptop PCs and netbooks, and additional connector tips can be ordered through the website as well. In addition to AC adapters, Rocketfish sells other computer accessories, such as mice, keyboards and flash drives. Additional Laptop Compatibility A single Rocketfish AC adapter can provide power to multiple laptop brands and models in addition to your HP, including Dell, Compaq and Toshiba models. Before plugging your adapter into a different laptop, check the second laptop's user manual to ensure the wattage provided by the replacement adapter will be sufficient, as a lower wattage may damage the internal electronic components.
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