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Security product QC3 quick charge. 0 charger

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-24
QuickCharge ( QC for short) Is dominated by qualcomm fast charging technology, QC3. 0 charger allows devices to freely adjust voltage, optimize the charging efficiency, lowering the fever and loss. QC3。 0 the charger has a high charging efficiency, more flexible output voltage. Voltage for every 200 mv is a current changes, changes in the range of allowable charging equipment such as mobile phones, keep the maximum power output, the charging efficiency is greatly increased, reduce fever, and backward compatibility QC2. 0 equipment. QC3。 0 the charger from the work on the materials are high level and output parameters for the 5 v / 3. 0、9 v / 2。 0,12 v1。 5 a, output ability is very strong. Itself with over-voltage, over-current, overcharge protection, is a high performance QC3. 0 charger.
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